Dear Student,

I am please to announce such a knowledgeable IELTS website by which my all students can learn from one another’s mistakes and discuss by using a comment box. The only purpose is to build this website is to spread the knowledge of IELTS in Pakistan.

But there are some rules that you need to follow by using the live page.

No.1: Show respect to others and be polite.

No.2: Share your ideas and knowledge.

No.3: If some one asks me a question so he or she will wait. I will answer a question as soon as i get time.

No.4: Give your Comments.

No.5:  You only need to provide your full name and Email address to comment.

No.6: For my students, this website is totally free, safe and not a part of their IELTS preparation fee given to me.

No.7: Bookmark This page will help you return quickly.

No.8: Send your good quality writing snapshot to publish on this website on sirsmimran@hotmail.com or on my whatsapp number 03218700455.

I am sure this website will definitely help you achieve success. I am the first IELTS teacher in Pakistan who brought this idea on 15/1/2017 and now other IELTS teachers in Pakistan will follow my ways as usual.

Good luck

Sir SM Imran

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